Wire Wrapped Stones and the UNC Game

What a post title!  No telling what sorts of Google searches will bring this post to the top!  Last night Jason and I attended the UNC game.  It was a fun game but sort of nondescript.  The two teams sort of just kept up with each other the whole time, but I was very proud of UNC for leading and winning!  As an aside, I was feeling very tired last night, so ignore my description of the game if you think otherwise.  Normally I am standing and active during the games, but I sat through most the  game.


I have been learning a little about wire wrapping lately and have really enjoyed wrapping some pretty stones and crystals.

raw rose quartz

I am placing them on leather cords for Sidetracked and for the Etsy shop. This has been an extremely busy week for me so I still have not gotten them into my Etsy shop yet, but I am hoping to in the next couple of days.

I must run for now, but just wanted to at least drop in and say hello! Looking forward to getting around to all of your blogs this evening and in the morning!

Enjoy this day!


14 thoughts on “Wire Wrapped Stones and the UNC Game”

  1. Such a nice picture of you and Jason, Lynn. You have your mama’s eyes and smile.

    The wire wrapped stones are gorgeous! Oh my! Thank you so much for giving us a peek.


  2. Hey sweet Lynn. We saw that game on TV. If we had known you and Jason were there we might have spotted you in the crowd. 🙂 The pendants are so pretty. I love you. Mom

    1. Hey, Mama! One day maybe we will be spotted by the cameras! And I will probably be laughing because of you know who. 🙂 I love you too! Your girl.

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